Welcome to big sky country. Your hosts, the Simpson family, have been farming fine merino wool here for three generations. The Cairns is our gift to you; a modern take on the rugged Mackenzie lifestyle we love so dearly.

A warm family welcome

We’ve been here since Grandpa Jack answered an ad for a shepherd at Mt Cook Station in 1928. It demanded he ‘must stand like an arctic hero’ and ‘hate town life’.  Jack fit the bill, started a family and stayed in the Mackenzie for life. 

Nothing makes a visit more special than a passionate host.

We want you to feel all the magic Tekapo has to offer. Our experiences are hand-picked, our accommodation is bespoke and woven with history, and the views - well, they’re second to none.

We see Tekapo as an invitation back to simplicity.

Our hope is that The Cairns offers you a way to connect with the peace and stillness of our alpine surroundings. Spaces like these are precious gifts in our busy world.

An ancient pile of stones to help you find your way home.

‘Cairn’ is a Gaelic term meaning ‘heap of stones’, the likes of which have been used for thousands of years to show the way along trails. Like the many scattered throughout Tekapo, our Cairn exists to guide you to the Mackenzie, where the stars shine brightest. 

44.0047° S
170.4771° E